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"Get inside the head of someone who has lived a bit and who tells the tale in fearless and frank singing and writing with Jude Adams' double whammy The Window to My Soul. In print and beautiful music." Rosie Millard OBE, Chair Children in Need, CEO Children and the Arts, former BBC Arts correspondent, journalist, broadcaster, author.



Thank you to everyone who came to the Launch on June 8th - from California, France, Brussels and all corners of the U.K.. The fabulous Hot Tin did us proud as did the amazing Brighon-based band assembled by Georgia Train, my vocal coach, musical mentor, a Co-Producer on the album and my MD on the night. We had a sold out evening and we had a blast!!


Thank you also to Rosie Millard OBE for hosting the chat part of the evening and for her reading along with Marnie Summerfield Smith, my amazing editor, Georgia, and my wife, Marg Mayne.


There are already a lot of pictures and video clips from the night up on my social media pages thanks to the fabulous audience members. Please do check them out! Official footage to follow.


The CD and Very Special but Limited Edition book can now be puchased directly from the Shop page on this website. (The album is also available for downloading and streaming across most platforms but of course buying the CD is the only way that an artist keeps afloat!)


A lot of emphasis has been put on this album. I absolutely love it but for me the book is equally as important. They go hand in hand. The book is one you can start at the beginning and read through to the end but is also one allowing you to dip in and out of with it's different sections.


Another reason why the physical products (CD and book) are important for me is that I always intended for these to be things of substance but also lovely things to have, to hold, to look at aswell as to listen to and read. I hope you'll agree.


If you have either already or decide to buy either and once you have had a chance to read, listen to and digest I would also really love it if you would send me a few words by way of endorsing them. Every little helps.



I have already had a couple of very beautiful reviews-


Ian Hall, arts blogger:


Liverpool Sound and Vision



Donald Strachan, DJ:


D. Strachan




How did this all come about?


"The concept for this double whammy was inspired by the rediscovery of a gift given to me as a child- a prototype boxset of Alice in Wonderland including a book and 4 LP's. I decided I would like to expand my own creativity using music, written word and visuals creating something too of substance but beauty. The album is made up of 8 self-penned songs and 2 of my own cover versions, all triggered by stories in the book. The book, a 'memoir of sorts' is a creative mash-up. Stories short and long, images, poetry, song lyrics influenced by epsiodes and aspects of my life. For this, my second album, I wrote, performed and produced it. I wanted to take creative control throughout directing how both the album and the book would sound and look including the layout and design. The Launch would also be a product of this with me choreographing what, when, who and how it would come together. Poignant for me personally was that I bring this double header out once I had turned 60 having only found the courage to start singing in public aged 50."

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