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I finally started performing again after a 6 year break. Three Soirees (June, August and most recently on October 20th as part of the Canterbury Festival Umbrella. And in June also at Pride, Canterbury.) Sharing songs from This Girl, This Woman in live performances and sharing the story behind the album In Conversation.


Thanks to the following wonderful musicians and people who have accompanied me in this part of my Adventure- Frances Knight, Josefina Cupido, Miriam Gould, Angus Rorison. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with them all and I look forward to planning some new "escapades" in the  not too distant future!



Thank you to the Lilford Galleries in Canterbury and to Nucleus Arts in Chatham for hosting the events, my exhibition and video installation. To Bob Lamoon for curating the exhibitions.


Thank you to actor Jules Melvin, artist Tracie Peislie and author Alis Hawkins for their time, talents and stimulating chat.


Thank you to Mighty Fine Things for the provision of very fine gin at both Canterbury Soirees.


Thank you to everyone who has attended and who have been quite amazing. I hope to see you again before long to share more of my music and your company.


And thanks always to my wife, Marg Mayne without whose love and support I wouldn't be able to do any of this.




" A genuinely engaging live performance from the awesome Jude Adams. A talented, honest and fun-loving woman with a remarkable story. An inspired first album, so keep it up lovely lady I want to hear more. " Allison Miller.



Listening to the CD and watching you gigging it's really hard to believe that this is your first album and that you haven't been singing and writing songs for 20 years. You seem so assured and relaxed and the songs are awesome! One of the things I like best about the album is the variety of moods that it reflects, from upbeat and dance-worthy to langorous. There's something there to suit every mood. And that means that every time I listen to the album I find a new favourite. I thought I'd settled on Soaking but when I heard your set at the Soiree, I jumped ship for Forever My Love."  


Alis Hawkins. Author None So Blind.



"Jude's musical journey may have been triggered by her experience of ME but the evidence of her songs, and her performance of them, demonstrates that illness alone is not the source or the justification for her talent. The time has come to set the music free from all such encumbrances and let the songs and the performer fly. Jude is not to be defined by her ME but by her talent.


Another faultless and engaging performance from Jude Adams during the Canterbury Festival proves this loudly and clearly. Her confidence, creativity and talent and delivery seduced the audience. A pure delight to follow her voyage, of self-discovery for her, and a exciting discovery for the audience.


Waiting for the next collection of songs and more live performances. Don't keep us waiting too long Jude."


Robin Bowyer and Colin Alderman.



" A great evening of music and conversation at Jude's Soiree. I particularly liked the song she wrote for Marg- Forever My Love- it quite brought a lump to my throat. It was great to hear how making music has helped you manage your ME. Inspiring!"


Geraldine Knights.



"So loved last night-I found it really inspiring. And it was wonderful to hear the music that I have become so familiar with in a new way, and with more context."


Clare Unsworth. Film Maker. (Including Older Women Rock: the documentary.)


"Loved the arrangements of the songs-sounded great!" Jo Harvey.  



"You all sounded wonderful!! A lovely event." Dawn Lilford. Lilford Gallery.



"I am so glad we got there. It was lovely! Congratulations. " Griselda Cann Mussett.





TOWARDS 2019...


Most immediately I am looking forward to sneaking off to southern Spain for the best part of January and February to rest, reflect, restore and write! I will be getting started on my next project. A memoir with songs which will be unleashed in the year of my 60th birthday - 2019. (There may even be a sneaky bit of recording happening before then.)


And I will also be setting up performance opportunties for 2018.


As I write I can very happily report that I have reached the Semi Final stage of the UK Songwriting Competition 2017 with Don't Judge Me No More. Brief Encounter was also Highly Commended. This makes me very proud especially as Me and Mrs Peel got through to the Semi Final stage of the 2016 Competition.


I will be posting regularly on social media, in particular my Facebook page so please do keep a look out. Your support means so much to me and I am hugely excited about continuing with the next stage of my creative Adventure and sharing it with you as I go.