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This Girl, This Woman - the album.


There are two strands running throught this album. One is that it was written during a very reflective time in my life and so the songs are inspired by my own reflections upon life and love, drawing on my own personal experiences as well as my sometimes vivid imagination.


The other is the influence of 1960s music. I was a child in the 60s and that era has always facinated and inspired me. Music, culture, design and sport. My favourite singer of all time without doubt is Dusty Springfield. My favourite TV series is without doubt the 'original' Avengers!


It was a sassy, sophisticated, clever and cool decade. In making the album, it became apparent very early on that we wanted to share that retro feeling, with in some cases, some quite obvious references. This work is inspired by that time and the 60s are reflected throughout all aspects of it - musically, lyrically and visually.


© All lyrics written by Jude Adams.