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That snide little aside,

That open confrontation,

That silence cos you don't understand.

Do you know how much those hurt?

Just because he's in a skirt,

Just because she walks with her hand in hand.




Maybe you didn't think,

Maybe the wrong assumption,

Good reason for the way you stand and stare?

Are you saying it's a sin?

The colour of their skin,

An affront the way I wear my hair.




Open up your hearts,

Open up your minds,

Respect us all,

Treat everyone kind

Please don't judge no more.




Is it the lines upon his face,

Or the fact that she's a woman,

Their religion, illness, being gay?

What is it that offends you,

Makes it ok to be - so cruel,

You have no right to treat them that way.




Some choose not to conform,

Most don't have many choices,

Not things that can justify the shame,

I've no problem being me,

Look closer you would see,

Underneath it we're really all the same.




Open up your hearts,

Open up your minds,

Respect us all,

Treat everyone kind,

Please don't judge no more.


Please don't judge no more,

Don't judge me no more.




© Jude Adams

Don't Judge Me No More - LYRICS

This was a very hard song to craft.


Close to my heart, this is about prejudice and discrimination in its many forms. In relation to the bigger subjects like sexuality, race, religion, age, disability - but also the way we might look, dress and how we might be judged for that.


Often discrimination isn't direct, but imposed by society in general and the supposed norms we feel we are expected to live by. The sadness is quite often that when people don't 'get' something instinctively, they don't try to, but rather react in a variety of ways that can equally be hugely damaging and painful.


When we face prejudice against us, we also react in a variety of ways. If we actively choose to remain silent and don't protest openly, it doen't mean that the depth of feeling is any less.


If people don't understand the way someone else is or lives their life, they should manage that at least, in an intelligent and civilised way that shows respect - which is the very least we can all expect from each other.


So this song is personal but more importantly it is a message on behalf of all people who at times in their lives and for whatever reason, have been unfairly judged. It is a plea for people to be less judgmental, more thoughtful and a little more generous towards each other - something we could all do with being.


It was very hard finding the melody for this song. I listened to a lot of different music - Paolo Nutini, Melody Gardot, Elvis, Passenger, The Smiths - much of that may not be obvious as an influence. Rolling Stone magazine described Rehab by Amy Winehouse as having a "banging beat" and I liked that idea for this song, but I was also keen to contrast the colourful spirit of the lyrics with a smoother, cooler sound. Janette suggested listening to some Roberta Flack and it started to fall into place.